Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hotties of Yore

A few more oldies, but goodies. No real theme here. Just perusing the hard drive a bit.

Tori Welles

Debbie Jordan (aka Debbie Sass)

Barbara Eden


The Evil DM said...

Tori Wells- wow she was a blast from the past. the only porn I actually remember by name from the 80-90's (and there were plenty) was Chameleon. My roommates and I were BIG fans.

Barbara Eden is just eternal.

Word verification is: unobs-how appropriate.

Jamdin said...

Barbara Eden is hot even when she is not in the Jeannie costume.

hiboobs guy said...

speaking of look-a-likes, that image of Debbie Jordan sort of has a Chavon Taylor sort of semblance, dont cha think?

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm not familiar with Chavon Taylor. I'd have to look her up. She's probably on Freeones at http://freeones.com/html/c_links/Chavon _Taylor/, but not sure (I'm at work, so can't really go there :-)