Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More dirty than nerdy recently.

A big apology to the lady followers (there are at least three) for being a very "look at this chick" blog in recent weeks. Frankly, I am little stumped for material. All my recent nerdiness has been rather family friendly these days :-(

I am looking towards a Pam Grier week next month. Not sure if I should go Blaxploitation, or Women in Prison... Any thoughts?


Mr. Canacorn said...

Well, I'm no lady but I am intrigued about the upcoming Pam Grier week...if it's a whole week shouldn't you be able to cover both WIP and Blaxploitation?

Is this week just for your blog or are others playing along?

Oh, I seriously don't mind all the eye candy...even if I'm more of an ass man....which sounds kind of gay..but whatever. ;)

Darius Whiteplume said...

I had been planning to cover 5 movies. I know I have 5 of each type.

If anyone is interested, maybe we could do a multi-site week? I'll make a few calls :-)

Mr. Canacorn said...

What date do you have planned?