Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog Alert: Queer the Pitch

Okey, this will not be up everyone's alley, but I just came across Fabulastic's blog (hey, I'll make the jokes here!). It is called Queer the Pitch, and it is wild. The logo alone sold me, it is a kaleidescope of deviance and perversity (I say this with great love). T.K., I could see you having this logo framed in the apartment of erotic horror.


Fabulastic said...

John Webster is one of the greatest graphic designers alive. He really got was on inside my twisted mind.

(thanks for this post!)

Tenebrous Kate said...

LOVE IT--love it love it love it. So added to my blogroll ASAP. I adore blogs that portray a very personal and complete aesthetic point of view, and Queer the Pitch does just that. A great recommendation, Darius!