Thursday, April 2, 2009

A tipsy post.

If you haven't noticed by now, Thursday is my strip club day. I go after work on Thursdays because it is not crowded. Well, today was weird.

The strip club I go to was celebrating its 14th anniversary. On a Thursday? Really?


Now, I do like strippers, but I must tell you, when strippers try dressing up for a special occasion, it is a bit embarrassing.

One, they buy their "fancy dresses" from the same place they buy their g-strings and clear heels. Two, Lycra is never classy.

So, these poor women, most of whom I know as acquaintances, are dressed in these awful wanna-be prom dresses. Crawling on the stage, used to only a thong or some boy-shorts... They joked about it, but it was like young kids in their church clothes. They'd have done a lapdance for free just to get out of their monkey-suits.

So, if you own a strip club and are reading this, on your anniversary, rather than expecting fancy dress, just have your girls go topless all the time. They are used to having their tits out, and believe it or not, the customers will be fascinated.

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lokipan said...

Titty bars are for titties, not prom dresses