Sunday, August 23, 2009

BACK to Work - Vegetarian Twitter Edition

I was always a fan of Vida Guerra, but now she's in that special category with Pamela Anderson: ridiculously hot vegetarians. And the special place I keep Darla Crane and SaRenna Lee - Stars that respond to my Tweets :-)

I am cheesey, but happy.


Keith said...

Wow! She's incredibly hot.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Your taste is superb.

Delicious creations.

Anonymous said...

You know when you were younger and you were with your girl friend on one of those stearling afternoons after school when you were in 11th grade? You were both laying there spent after an hour or two of clumsy love making where you kept on going even after you busted and it got all foamy and you just kept right on going until you were at full peak again and kept up the steam until you broke another love nut?
Looking at this girl reminds me of that. Ahh...those were the days.
.......respectfully anonymous

Anonymous said...

In fact looking at this girl gets me so excited I could bash my way through a solid oak plank with my donkey. You know when you're so hard and ready you'd jam it into a bag of pebbles just to be able to stick it into something?
Man oh my wife in trouble!