Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #1

Friends, I have been ignoring you all too long. I blame Tumblr. Anyway, to get myself back in the swing of actual porn blogging, I thought we'd do a regular feature: Span Bank Sunday. This will include some of my favorite adult stars of all time, and we will start with a classic...

Andrea Parducci made a name for herself, and that name was Little Oral Annie. Obviously, her shtick was blowjobs, but she has a rockin' body all around. I have no idea what happened her after her run in the '80s. It seems she fell out of style once the likes of Giner Lynn, Traci Lords, Amber Lynn, and Christy Canyon came on the scene. Aside from movies, she was creditted as the advice columnist for Cheri magazine for a while, but there is no telling if she was really writing it.

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