Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #3

Ginger Lynn was, along with Christy Canyon, the queen of the 1980s. She was petite, and small breasted, but a wild woman who would seemingly do anything for the camera. She became heavily paired with similar looking and similarly named Amber Lynn, likely to get a little incest-kink vibe going. My biggest memory of Ginger was The World According to Ginger, which I believe was an all-girl, toy heavy affair that to my young and inexperienced mind was fascinating. One scene involving anal-beads, which are not really one of my favorite things, is permanently burned into my psyche, and when I think of Ms. Lynn, it always is the first vision in my mind.

Lynn attempted to move into straight films, appearing as a madame in Young Guns, as well as a few of the Vice Academy films (a dirty parody of Police Academy), but she eventually went back to the hard stuff. She was in The Devil's Rejects in 2005, and seemed to bounce between the hardcore and straight world with some fair regularity.

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