Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #7

Quick one today. Vanessa Blue is a ridiculously hot porn star.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Premature Evaluations: "Most Buxom" by Aishling Morgan

Aishling Morgan brings us the story of a Peeping Tom who gets in trouble at work for peeping at a woman across the street, so he quits and buys a house in a university town where he hopes to board nerdly male students and keep his mind off of women. Guess what? He soon finds himself boarding four big breasted women who drive him crazy with sexual frustration.

The story here is fairly god, but it is predominantly hot. We have a former stripper, and budding dominatrix, a rich-bitch lesbian, and a submissive virgin. The landlord eventually installs miniature surveillance cameras to see the women at play, and winds up beating his meat into hamburger. About halfway through, we get to the all girl party that is destined to become a lez-fest of legend.

I do enjoy Morgan's books. This is only the second I have read, and while different in tone from Sin's Apprentice it is fairly clear that it is the same author. I will likely give Satan's Slut a try next, which looks like a filthy Dennis Wheatley/Hammer Horror tale.

Spank Bank Sunday #6

Dani O'Neal is a British porn star that I first saw on that weird Spike or G4 show about sexy shows around the world. The only video I have seen is a dildo only movie. She has this Posh Spice voice and a filthy mouth which I think we can all agree is the only thing sexier than the dirty librarian.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #5

Kimberly Kupps was one of the first porn stars I ever met. She was on a dancing tour and appeared at The Cellar (a now defunct strip club in Fayetteville). She was a ridiculously nice lady, despite her super-tough sneer she says everyone wants her to wear.

Kim got to be a little rough looking as the years went by, but she still has a lot of presence for me.

Kimberly with Busty Belle

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Premature Evaluations: "Sin's Apprentice"

Sin's Apprentice by Aishling Morgan is the story of Ysette, an orphan raised by nuns during what might be considered the Renaissance. Due to her penchant for masturbation, she is deemed unfit to remain at the convent. The good sisters sell Ysette into an apprenticeship, where she becomes the thrall of Breda, an old herbalist who likes whipping the girl, then getting a bit of oral from her. Luckily, Ysette is familiar with the altar of Venus, being quite the little self-abuser.

The book is more story than I typically think of with erotica, but I am not far into it. The writing is fairly good, if the story an old one. It looks to be two parts Cinderella, one part Justine, with a dash of Anne Rice's Sleepy Beauty. The nunsploitation has dropped off a bit, but may yet return. Here is the book synopsis from Amazon:

Poor young Ysette is an orphan. Having been raised in a strict and cloistered nunnery, she is sent out to have her obliging nature taken advantage of again and again. First she is to learn the bizarre sexual byways of witchcraft. Then, traveling as a Sin Eater, she is tasked to remove the sin that men contain with her seed. Finally, she is taken by an elderly and perverted priest before finding her redemption. A novel of sex, superstition and religious punishment, inspired by the classics of SM literature.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #4

Tori Welles. I don't know much about her, except she is on the dangerous-sexy side and that apparently Christy Canyon did not like her very much when they first met. No idea if CC got over it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spank Bank Sunday #3

Ginger Lynn was, along with Christy Canyon, the queen of the 1980s. She was petite, and small breasted, but a wild woman who would seemingly do anything for the camera. She became heavily paired with similar looking and similarly named Amber Lynn, likely to get a little incest-kink vibe going. My biggest memory of Ginger was The World According to Ginger, which I believe was an all-girl, toy heavy affair that to my young and inexperienced mind was fascinating. One scene involving anal-beads, which are not really one of my favorite things, is permanently burned into my psyche, and when I think of Ms. Lynn, it always is the first vision in my mind.

Lynn attempted to move into straight films, appearing as a madame in Young Guns, as well as a few of the Vice Academy films (a dirty parody of Police Academy), but she eventually went back to the hard stuff. She was in The Devil's Rejects in 2005, and seemed to bounce between the hardcore and straight world with some fair regularity.